Other Services

Other Services


We don’t just do Murders !

While we are exceptionally good at Murders, and we love carrying them out. We can help you with other areas of your event.

Murder Mystery DJ Service

  Menu Planning

Some of the additional Murder Mystery Services we offer are

  • Tikki is an experienced chef and can advise you on suitable menus for each themed event.
  • We can help create a schedule to fit in with your menu or catering


  • So you don’t want to worry about looking after the catering. Allow us to cater for you. For a fixed price per person we can organise themed menus to suit the event.
  • We will organise for the people to server and mingle with the guest either as characters within the game or as wait staff.

DJ/ Music

Murder Mystery Team Building

  • Do you want to party on after the murder – We can bring along a DJ to provide music after the murder has been completed.
  • The music can be themed with the murder or you can dance away to the latest Top 50

Team Building

  • Need to have your team get to know each other outside of work. Murder Mysteries are a great way to bring people out of their shell as well as their comfort zone,


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