[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about Murder Mysteries.


Q: Can you cater the mystery for a corporate event or team building exercise?

A: YES we will customise a mystery to work around your corporate or team building exercise


Q: Will some characters be more central to the plot than others?

A: This depends on the type of mystery chosen. In the interactive role everyone participates and has their own aims and objectives. In the Main Suspect Series – usually between 8-12 people are suspects and have more complex roles then the others.


Q: What are the the costume requirements?

A: The costume descriptions are simple and can usually be made up from household items. For example a person playing Oscar winning movie actress, wrapped a Barbie doll in foil as her Oscar. Simple and effective. In saying that the more you dress up the greater the fun.


Q: Should we have a sit down meal?

A: It is best to have a buffet if you have the choice. This gets players moving around and socializing.


Q: Should we play music during the party?

A: If you would like music during your mystery and to continue the party upon its completion – we can also provide this service. Background music has no impact on the game.


Q: Can we still have the party if someone can’t turn up. 

A: Yes. But please choose your key characters to be reliable. Minor characters do not matter if they do not turn up.


Q: Should we have the meal before, during or after the party?

A: It is best to have the meal during the party, but after the few minutes it takes to explain the rules at the beginning of the game.